New Directions

Well, we’ve finally gotten our new website up and running!  It’s called, ‘oopoomoo‘ (you’ll have to visit our About page to find out why!).  This is where Darwin and I will be doing our thing:  expect more silly videos, more eBooks on a variety of photography topics and also some exciting, brand new workshops just announced for 2012.  You may wonder why we decided to seemingly throw away all our efforts at building up our own websites and blogs over the last couple of years.  The answer is simple:  it just wasn’t making us happy.  We’ve got a different philosophy on life that we want to share with you over at oopoomoo.  Who knows?  You may even find you agree!

I’ll be continuing this blog until the end of the year, but most of my efforts will be taken up with the site.  So please drop by, look around and tell us what you think!


~ by Samantha on December 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “New Directions”

  1. Congratulations! However…am I going to miss your insightful discussion about art?

  2. Wow… You’re website looks great! I love your articles and how you describe your journey. Congrats!

  3. […] matter with my film cameras, so I’ll delve into the Holga images made on the same walk as my last Film Friday.  Cochrane has a lot of pathways which is great if you walk your dog several times a day!  A […]

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