The Power of Point ‘n Shoots

Sure, if you spend thousands of dollars on your camera, then you should use it.  A lot.  But oh! the allure and freedom of the point ‘n shoot!  Released from the heavy weight of hard camera bodies and saved from the hassle of digging for that dangling cable release, your creativity can REALLY soar.

I primarily shoot natural subjects, and a good quality point ‘n shoot produces excellent files under the right conditions.  Often, I find myself using these little cameras for the shot that I probably wouldn’t have taken if I had to use my heavier, pro camera.  Frequently I am surprised and happy that I ‘risked it’.  Also, when out hiking, I usually leave my macro lens at home to save weight.  Again, the point ‘n shoot helps me capture those intimate details that I would have missed.

But it is not only nature that can be photographed with your point ‘n shoot.  As any snap-happy tourist knows, the flexibility and ease of use of the small camera means fun! fun! fun!  Suddenly, you are seeing quirky images everywhere:  out a plane window, your breakfast table or on your way to the washroom.  You are smitten with the colours, lines and textures of ordinary, everyday things.  You are seeing.  Playing with a point ‘n shoot is the equivalent to doodling for master painters.  It stimulates your creative mind in fresh and non-judgmental ways.  Who cares about noise, imperfect compositions or blown highlights?  The point is to leave your analytical brain behind and just play.  Try it!  Your photography will be the better for it.



~ by Samantha on November 29, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Power of Point ‘n Shoots”

  1. Hi Samantha,

    I enjoyed your thoughts on this subject. I recently started a “Daily Pic” category on my blog with the thoughts of putting my point and shoot to work. It’s been lots of fun and your right, you see and take many very interesting shots that you normally would never think of with a standard DSLR. I actually think I am learning many new things with it. Who would have thought!

    Nice post Sam, good reading.

  2. agree whole-heartedly!

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