Keep Your Outtakes

When Darwin and I were shooting our spoofy video, Six Silly Uses of the UV Filter, we were surprised to find out how hard it is (for some of us) to nail our lines. But we had lots of fun doing the shoot over multiple days and kept our bloopers and mistakes to eventually make into a fun video that pokes fun at ourselves. If you didn’t catch our original video, you can watch it here; the outtakes don’t make much sense without knowing what we were trying to accomplish in the first place! We’ve crunched the blooper video down to just over four minutes so apologies for the long running time — there were lots of bloopers!  WARNING:  There is some colourful language used too!

And by the way, we’re back at it again talking about filters in Calgary this Saturday, May 28 at 1:30pm. We’ll be discussing essential filter systems for beginners and creative tips for more advanced shooters. If you want to see what you CAN do with filters to improve your photography, then head to The Camera Store to learn more and to register for the talk. Can’t make it? Head to Visual Wilderness and use the discount code uvfilter to get 20% off our new eBook Advanced Filters for Digital Nature Photography.  The code is valid until 11:59 MST on Sunday, May 29, 2011.  Now sit back, get a snack, and watch two professionals show you how it’s done!


~ by Samantha on May 26, 2011.

3 Responses to “Keep Your Outtakes”

  1. Visual Wilderness says the code uvfilter has expired. This on May 26. Don’t you just love desling with machines rather than real people

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