This is the page where I give you a short, concise but witty summary of what I am ‘about’ with this blog.

It reminds me of the end of the freedom of summer, being back at school, and getting my first assignment: “What I Did Over My Summer Holidays”.

Well, here goes (maybe not on the witty part though)….   This blog is not a journal, but I will share things I’ve learned from my experiences.  This blog is not a tabloid, but I may drag out my soap box from time to time, climb aboard, and shout out the occasional, somewhat-informed rant.  This blog is also not overly concerned with the techy side of things, there being lots of such sites more qualified to offer such services.  What I will do with this blog is take a wider viewpoint on photography, the good the bad and the ugly.  I intend to laugh a lot at myself and my follies (and maybe a little at other things I find silly in this industry) and grope toward being a better photographer, writer and maybe even human being.  Whew!  Lofty goals; I think that ultimately, in putting my thoughts out there, I want to also hear from YOU and what you are ‘about’ so that through dialogue we all learn a little more about each other.


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