Fabulous Film Fridays, November 18 – The Overflow

There is a spot along the Kootenay Plains where spring runoff carves a gravelly scar down to Abraham Lake.  In the winter, this stream is reduced to a trickle that ices over, flows over itself, and fans out into frozen pools that lie in wait under powdery snow for the unwary photographer.  The willows, spruce and aspen in this area offer a diverse canvas for creative image-making, a sort of subtle celebration of fine line and dusky hue on display for the intimate landscape shooter.  At your feet you will notice the finger-pools of frozen water (perhaps discovered by accident, after you have stepped from sound snow to suddenly slippery sheet lying hidden under the carpet of white).  While the Lake is the main attraction for visitors, with its showy shallow flanks covered in ice-bubble skirts, I find there is more mystery in the willow woods fed year-long by mountain springs under ice and snow.  The image below was taken with the Linhof panoramic camera and Velvia slide film.

Trees and grass in winter, Kootenay Plains, Alberta


~ by Samantha on November 18, 2011.

One Response to “Fabulous Film Fridays, November 18 – The Overflow”

  1. Like the POV, Sam. and the calm suble blue tones. is there a story there about the slippery sheets under the surface?

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