September Summer

We’ve been very lucky to have some warm days the last week or so.  It always makes me feel nostalgic, this time of year.  The air is so crisp in the mornings, threatening change.  The grasses and any late-blooming fall flowers seem to reach extra high toward these last generous rays of sun.  For most of my life, September was signified by a return to school and the end of summer.  If we had any late, ‘Indian summer’ it was welcome when we had gym class outdoors.  Ah, yes, gym class.  I still remember having to run laps around my junior high school until I felt like puking.  The gym teacher called it running “The Worlds” but I felt it was more of a ‘war of the worlds’ between the lazy, days of summer spent reading in a hammock and the structured regimen of school.  Got me in shape, though!

In celebration of the last day of summer, here is an image from Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park taken last month.  Wind-whipped grasses and fence posts also make me feel nostalgic because of the stories of pioneers who no longer work on the hills by the Bow.


~ by Samantha on September 21, 2011.

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