Fabulous Film Fridays, September 9 – A Blast from the Past

I had the opportunity this summer to visit an intriguing farm.  A fellow friend and photographer, Lori Maloney, invited Darwin and I and Wayne Simpson to come along to the grand opening of The Station.  Writers, friends, family, musicians and of course a few photographers were on hand to celebrate the restoration of Gleichen’s old CPR train station.  The hobby farm and museum is the brainwave of Lori’s dad, Dave Amonson, and he has managed to preserve amazing historical artifacts on the property (which also boasts some lovely natural features).  Thanks, Lori, for the opportunity to share in this wonderful event!

Here are a few images taken with Effie, my Nikon FE (and Fujicolor 400 film) from the day.


~ by Samantha on September 9, 2011.

3 Responses to “Fabulous Film Fridays, September 9 – A Blast from the Past”

  1. Thanks, Sam, for coming to the Centennial, for being such a generous soul, and for today’s “Rant”! Awesome!


  2. Oh I have been lucky enough to visit the Station and was very sad that I could not make it there for the Gathering! Lori is an amazing person/photographer, and a great friend and her family has done an awesome job restoring the station. Hopefully they will do this again next year and we can all go. Fun place to take some photos as well.

  3. Cool! Some wonderful, colorful items…

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