Ice Walkin’

Today Darwin and I are off to Aurum Lodge for a little get-together of like-minded photographers.  We’re going on a private guided tour of the Nordegg Mine Historic Site and then an ice walk on the Columbia Icefields in Jasper National Park.  I am bringing Tachihara Tim along for the mine shoot; some of the large, steel structures are quite impressive.  And I admit to not making much progress in learning this camera.  Bad, bad Sam.  So, I hope to have some passable shots for an eventual Film Friday.  Cross your fingers!

Speaking of ice, I finally got around to processing some ice shots from Darwin’s winter photo tour this past year.  These are all multi-image stitches (from 2 – 5 shots) of the same morning.  The ice at Abraham Lake has gotten really popular in the last year or so with photographers from Darwin’s tours (or visiting on their own) taking great images back home.  The ice bubbles seem especially popular in Europe.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation out there about where the Lake is (hint: it is not in Banff!) and in how the ice bubbles form.  So, if you would like to photograph the ice bubbles and the Lake, make sure you shop around and verify what you hear.  I would hate for clients to pay top-dollar for a non-permited, an uninsured and non-knowledgeable instructor!!

Which of the following freezes your boat the most?

There were more people out that morning on the ice than I’ve ever seen before on the few occasions that I’ve come along on Darwin’s photo tours out of Aurum Lodge.  Usually we have the Lake to ourselves on workshops, but obviously this has changed now that the popularity of the Lake as a photo destination has risen.  One foreign photographer lamented the lack of colour in the morning sunrise!  I dunno…when nature gives you over an hour of beautiful, blue dawn light and crazy clouds and all you can do is complain….  I don’t understand some photographers.  I enjoyed the show, though!


~ by Samantha on August 19, 2011.

3 Responses to “Ice Walkin’”

  1. #1 has a lot of pop and is IMO the most in your face shot but there’s something subtly captivating about #3. I like the FG in that one best.

  2. Hi Sam – I like them all, but #3 jumps out at me the most. All of those little cracks are quite intriguing!

    I would have been thrilled for these kinds of conditions. If I needed colorful clouds to make landscape photography enjoyable and productive, I would have quit this pursuit a long time ago!

  3. I was lamenting when I reached Glacier Lake this weekend. The Lake was so wavy and it was boring blue sky.

    Anyway, my brother in low sent me email with a photo. I guess he thought the photo was cool. It was an image of Abraham Lake taken by a European photographer. The location seems really popular now. Question is why most of the photos look quite similar. By the way, the image is a winner of the major international competition in 2011. Hmmm….isn’t it easy path?

    I like your vertical panorama. I vote 1st one because of the strong diagonal line. Also I like 3rd one, too, maybe because of interesting patterns on in two different colors of ice.

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