Fabulous Film Fridays, August 12 – A Walk in the Park Part I

This summer is seeing some structural changes to the way Darwin and I do business (more on that later this summer!).  Unfortunately, that also translates to more time in front of the computer.  In order to feed the creative beast, we have taken to throwing one of our lighter cameras around our necks when we walk the dog.  It is amazing how many photographic opportunities are out there in your own neighbourhood!  A week or so ago, I played with Gail, Darwin’s Fuji GA645 Pro (I prefer the name Gail) on an amble through Cochrane’s Mitford Park.  Stocked with trout in the summer, this little park is surrounded by red shale pathways, grassy lawn and plenty of trees.  It is also perched high above the Bow River on the north riverbank so we see plenty of critters from deer to geese to foxes, right in town!

Anyway, if you’re looking out the office window at a glorious sunny day, why not take your dog/cat/budgie for a walk when you get home?  Bring your camera and see what you can capture on just a short stroll.  Here are some images from the walk, courtesy of Gail.


~ by Samantha on August 12, 2011.

5 Responses to “Fabulous Film Fridays, August 12 – A Walk in the Park Part I”

  1. Nice work Sam! I especially like the first image.

  2. […] for those of you that missed last week’s Film Friday, check out what Samantha did with the Fuji 645 Pro camera on a stroll in around Mitford Ponds in Cochrane. ©Darwin Wiggett […]

  3. Hi Samantha – is that neg film (fuji?)

  4. Hi Tim, yes it was fuji NPS 160.

  5. […] are the remaining images from my walk in the park a couple of weeks ago with Gail, Darwin’s Fuji GA645 Pro camera.  The rangefinder on Gail is […]

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