Buried Treasure

One thing I love about most photographers who shoot outdoors is that they tend to be drawn to what other people would term ‘junk’.  Like kids in a candy store, we’re in bliss in an abandoned mine site, car junkyard or ghost town.  Anything old, decrepit, peeling or rusty is attractive to us!  (Well, excluding Canadian snowbirds seeking to escape our long winters on Florida beaches).  Take this car, for example.  How the heck did this happen?

Here is a wider shot, for context.

I can just hear the argument after this one.  “Maybe you should drive, honey!”


~ by Samantha on July 21, 2011.

5 Responses to “Buried Treasure”

  1. “Go Go Gadget instant river embankment” laugh!

    Great shot Sam!

  2. Sam, didn’t you have to use your camera for forensic examination purpose at the scene?

  3. Now that’s just bizarre! Makes me wonder what all is buried under our feet.

  4. Florida eh? Did you check the trunk?

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