Fabulous Film Fridays, July 1 – New Kid in Town

Happy Canada Day, everyone!

This Film Friday introduces a new kid to the family:  Einstein, our latest Holga comes with a glass lens that renders detail in the centre of the image sharper than the plastic lenses on our other Holgas.  I tested it out at the Nordegg Mine Historic Site in the town of Nordegg, Alberta.  As with the other Holgas, part of the fun/frustration is not having an accurate rangefinder so you never quite know where the edges of your composition are.  So I confess to a slight, all-round crop on these two images.  But I am digging the contrast of a sharp centre with the blurry edges characteristic of our other Holgas!



~ by Samantha on July 1, 2011.

One Response to “Fabulous Film Fridays, July 1 – New Kid in Town”

  1. Another Holga? Looks like you really like the toy cameras. One thing I noticed in the top image….I see distortion of the red wall. Is this because the lens crates the strong distortion or the wall itself already formed the curve? Either way, I think the distortion add unique 3D effect to the square image. I always like soft and kind of silent feelings in Sam’s photos.

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