Off to Hunt Dinosaurs…Or Is That Whomping Trees?

I’m off to Dinosaur Provincial Park this week to catch some detail and early spring colour.  I am also lugging along the 4×5, Tachihara Tim, and some Velvia film to practice with in amongst the giant cottonwood trees.  Although renowned for its fossil finds and creepy badlands, I love the Park for its cottonwood habitat.  These small forests along the Red Deer river offer many intimate landscapes for the detail-lover.  The ancient, gnarled trees remind me of something from a kid’s fairytale.  Dinosaur Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; if you have never been there, you might want to make it a photographic stop for its diverse and unique photo opportunities.  If you come this week, I’ll be the person standing for hours in front of a weird looking box with my head stuffed under a sweaty shirt.


~ by Samantha on May 17, 2011.

6 Responses to “Off to Hunt Dinosaurs…Or Is That Whomping Trees?”

  1. Enjoy your trip Sam and have fun with your Tachihara! That first photo of the tree is just killer!!!

  2. Nice color and very moody sky. Great shot! Maybe good timing to go over there before mosquito season. No way I could stand still at one place for long time last summer. Have fun with your Tim. Looking forward to next fabulous film Friday.

  3. Hi Tom,

    Unfortunately, the tree in the first photo has been broken in half in some windstorm or something! Now it is just a jarring pillar in the middle of the field. Too bad; it was one of the most photographic along the trail.

  4. That’s really too bad about the tree now being broken. 😦 I love old trees like this with so much elegance and majesty.

    • I know! I was pretty bummed. Some of the cottonwoods there are extremely old but they aren’t being replaced; once gone, they’re gone forever until we change our land use strategies.

      • Exactly, the last time I went to Dinosaur Provincial Park I read a sign that said something to the effect of there now being 90-95% less cottonwoods than there were a century ago! I couldn’t believe it.

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