From Prairie Wind to Holga Hustle

Last week, Darwin and I traveled through inclement weather to get to Assiniboia, Saskatchewan to deliver one of our Photocram talks.  The friendly folks from the  Group of Ten Photography Club had contacted us regarding a speaking engagement and we were thrilled when they invited us to deliver one of our Photocram Two Hour Talks as part of their Photo Quest.  Darwin and I developed the Photocram program especially for Camera Clubs so that Clubs could deliver affordable, educational seminars and workshops tailored specifically to Club members’ needs.  We’ve had lots of positive feedback on the events so far, and a great response from Assiniboia last week.  Every time Darwin and I visit Saskatchewan, we are tempted to pack up and move there!  The people are friendly, the landscape open and there is so much diversity of natural things without an acreage eating up space on every corner.

But I digress.  At the event, we also listened to storm chaser Craig Hilts on his experiences photographing the magnificent and dangerous storms that brew up over the prairies.  His memorable images of lightning and mammatus clouds were inspiring — although I admit to being to a coward when it comes to eerie skies, golf-ball sized hail and funnel clouds.  I would never have the images Craig does because I take his safety motto, “when in doubt, chicken out” too much to heart!

Here is a group picture of the gang after our morning field session at the Golf Course:

Thanks again, Assiniboia, for such a friendly and hospitable welcome!  (And thanks to our friend Catherine for coming and helping out and taking this picture!)

The second fun trip that Darwin and I undertook was the film-based Holga Hustle yesterday in Lake Louise.  Film friends and a few film fanatics turned out with a rainbow’s worth of Holgas and other quirky (sometimes dusty) cameras.  What a great display of analogue options, from Hiro Kobayashi’s Woodward 4×5 and Darwin’s Linny Linhof to John Fujimagari’s box camera and Tom Nevesely‘s grandfather’s old Flexaret twin lens reflex camera from the Czech Republic.  A couple of hours and many rolls of film later, the group headed over to nearby Baker Creek Bistro for snacks and refreshments and to check out the opening of Darwin and my Print Show.  The event rounded off with relaxed conversation about all manner of things photographic; new friends were made by the end of the day.  Oh, and Tom Nevesely won the Holgawood Casablanco in the draw — congrats, Tom!  Now Kate has a camera to play with.  A big thanks to everyone who came out and made the Holga Hustle & Print Show a success!

The prints at the Bistro will be on display for the next month or two, so if you are in the area, please do drop in and have a look.  The Bistro is located about 11km from Lake Louise on the Bow Valley Parkway.  We have digital files mounted on high gloss aluminum printed by and film images from our Holgas printed on vinyl by Jim Slobodian.  Another big thank you to Baker Creek Bistro for hosting the Print Show and to Jim for making such amazing prints.

Stay tuned for the participants’ film results…whoever has the most creative film image will receive a free Holga!


~ by Samantha on May 8, 2011.

2 Responses to “From Prairie Wind to Holga Hustle”

  1. Sam,
    Thanks again to you and Darwin for organizing the Holga Hustle! Kate and I had a really great time and it was nice seeing both of you again!

  2. Sam, I really enjoyed the afternoon. After entering digital age, I have feeling things are a little dryer than before. I often hear conversations talking about pixels and dynamic range, or tips for Photoshop. This event must be new and fun experience for some attendance. Also when I see young photographers enjoying toy cameras, it is quite smile-provoking for me.
    Then I was amazed by your and Darwin’s Display at the Baker Creek Bistro. Possibly, non-photographers do not notice they were taken by toy cameras. They are like top chef creating very delicious dishes from potato chips or French fries. Thank you, Sam and Darwin, it was truly beneficial day for me since I could directly feel your artistic minds and passion for photography.

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