Fabulous Film Fridays, April 22 – Spring Has Not Sprung

Albertans are a grumpy bunch these days.  Winter continues to laugh in our faces,throwing down fistfuls of wet, icy snow as we continue to dream of spring.  I saw my neighbour gamely clean out and pack up his camping trailer today.  I wondered where he would go over this Easter weekend to escape the snow and silently wished him luck.  In other parts of the world, bulbs have forced their blunt, seeking snouts into the warmed air.  My tulips put a tentative finger out of the snow-crusted dirt and stopped growing, frozen in shock.  So this Film Friday will have more winter images, and more Holga images from Beep.  Hopefully as we limp into May 2011, Spring will take pity on us and swing ’round for her usual, all-too-brief visit to the Province.

The first image is inspired by a similar image Darwin made this winter:

The second two reflect the stilled feel to the landscape as it takes its time turning brown before green.

Just a reminder, we also still have a few spaces left in our FREE Holga Hustle.  Bring any film camera and your questions and meet us for an afternoon shooting in Lake Louise.  You’ll work up an appetite, so come have some free snacks after at the Baker Creek Bistro or take advantage of the room discount offered by Baker Creek Chalets and make a weekend of it!  (We hope to be snow-free by then….)


~ by Samantha on April 22, 2011.

2 Responses to “Fabulous Film Fridays, April 22 – Spring Has Not Sprung”

  1. […] week Samantha hosts Fabulous Film Fridays – check it out. She seems a bit grumpy about the lack of spring. Hey, you can never have enough snow pictures I […]

  2. I love “The Stripe”! It’s one of those images that hangs on to you and makes you examine the details.

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