We’re Speaking at Photo Quest 2011

Darwin and I have been invited to speak at Photo Quest 2011 in Assiniboia, Saskatchewan, on April 30.  We’ll be discussing how your unique creative vision leads to artistic expression and ultimately fulfillment of your talents.  All too often we’re told that all we need to do is buy the latest lens or upgrade our camera gear when all the talent you need already exists — within you!  Discover how to tap into this creative source and infuse your photography with new energy.  We’re hosted by the Group of Ten Photography Club which has also invited stormchaser Craig Hilts to speak about his passion for recording the more awe-inspiring moods of the prairie.  So come out if you’re in the area; we’d love to meet you!


~ by Samantha on April 21, 2011.

3 Responses to “We’re Speaking at Photo Quest 2011”

  1. I shoot with my little point-and-shoot while I’m saving up for a DSLR, and so far I’ve been able to take some shots I’m very happy with. I maintain my opinion that equipment is circumstantial, depending on what a photographer can afford, but it’s not intrinsically necessary to take good pictures.
    I love this shot, the composition is great and the colors are beautiful :).

    • I agree with your point. Keep rockin’ with your point-n-shoot even after you get new gear; they’re just tools to your bigger vision.

  2. I hope your trip and speaking engagement went well!
    I still love this photo. 🙂

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