The Lighter Side of Things

While there are many, many talented photographers out there, I find there is also a slight tendency to take ourselves a bit too seriously sometimes.  Trotting around the globe to exotic destinations…wooing models into sultry poses…using heavy and expensive equipment to capture the iris of a tiger…all this is heady stuff!  But the reality for most photographers is a lot of office work and desk time, especially now that the industry has shifted and more of the tasks a photographer used to farm out to a stock agency (marketing, selling, inventory etc.) are done by photographers themselves.

The good news is that there are also many opportunities for teaching keen up-and-comers the art and craft of photography.  Darwin and I will be taking a step back and sharing a more holistic view of the process of making an image at our talk, The Complete Photo this Saturday from 1 – 3pm.  If you struggle with how to approach a scene and distill it down into something to photograph, or organizing your images at the computer baffles you, then join us to learn how to tap into your own unique artistic expression through capture to output.

Darwin and I don’t take ourselves too seriously, as you will see from the video below.  But we do like to have fun!  So come out and laugh while you learn–we hope to see you there!


~ by Samantha on April 14, 2011.

2 Responses to “The Lighter Side of Things”

  1. Too funny! Great job on shooting and editing this too!!

  2. Can an ego that big still be carry-on? 😉

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