New Article on NPN

For anyone who struggles with the concepts of tonal contrast and colour contrast, you may wish to check out my short article on NPN on the subject.  These two concepts are critical for photographers to master as they are powerful tools of expression.  Take the two images of the forest burn in Kootenay National Park below as an example.  The first one demonstrates relatively high tonal contrast and the second demonstrates relatively low tonal contrast.  You can see that it is the difference in lights and darks which marks out the lines of the trees and their branches, so obviously tonal contrast can be important in creating lines.  Also, while both are rather sombre pictures (being mostly of low colour contrast and cool hues) there is a different ‘feel’ between the images.  The first image seems more edgy and ‘scratchy’ or uncomfortable to me while the second is…well, depressing, but in a quiet way.  Thinking a bit on these kinds of differences can help you evaluate why sometimes an image ‘works’ and sometimes it doesn’t!



~ by Samantha on April 11, 2011.

3 Responses to “New Article on NPN”

  1. I like both, Sam…go figure!

  2. Great article, Sam! Very helpful for newbies like me!

  3. Excellent timing as always Sam! I’ve just started using Tonal Contrast in Color Efex Pro. I used to use Pro Contrast but am finding Tonal Contrast gives me more control.

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