Upcoming Talks at The Camera Store

You have several opportunities to heckle Darwin and me this spring as we will be partnering with The Camera Store again and delivering some talks on various topics.  Here are links to our upcoming talks:

The Complete Photo, Saturday, April 16 – This is where we peel back the curtain and provide an overview of how we make images.  From conception to execution to presentation, this talk is for you if you want to climb inside our heads and figure out why we shoot what we shoot (and a little on how we process it).  We’ll be dishing out on how we decide what to keep and what to delete and the development of our personal styles.

Basic and Advanced Filters for Creative Digital Nature Photography – Our best selling eBook over at Visual Wilderness is the Essential Filters for Digital Photography eBook.  This is because shooters know that some filter effects just can’t be replicated in software, and who wants to spend that much time at the computer anyway!  If you are puzzled by the variety of options out there and unsure how to use filters or build your own filter system, then join us for this informative talk.

The Tilt Shift Lens Advantage for Outdoor and Nature Photographers – Specialty lenses can deliver creative results, but they are not for everyone.  If you are interested in mastering the power of tilt or discovering the freedom in shift, or if you just bought a tilt shift lens and have no idea how it works, then this talk is for you!  Space is limited so that everyone can have a chance to see the intricate workings of these lenses, and The Camera Store will have some on hand to try out in the field component of the session.


~ by Samantha on April 7, 2011.

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