You Call This Spring?

I saw a flock of robins the other day which tells me that spring is trying to turn the corner here in Alberta.  Either that or the robins didn’t get the memo that winter was hanging on with icy claws longer than desired.  Here is an image made yesterday during a wonderful, foggy day.  We don’t have too many of these days where the fog and frost aren’t blown away, so I’m appreciative of the opportunity even if it means shooting in cool weather for a few more days!

Spring is also a time of motivation and movement, so if you have been locked away indoors for the last several months and wish to brush up on your photography skills, consider registering for Darwin’s or my online course.  Darwin covers essential skills for digital landscape photography including necessary gear, exposure histograms and aperture control.  My course is designed to help you develop your creative ability to ‘see’ potential images by learning the elements of visual design that make up all  photographic compositions.  Both courses are hosted by the friendly folks at Nature Photographers Online Magazine and start April 1.  Hope to meet you in the classroom!


~ by Samantha on March 26, 2011.

2 Responses to “You Call This Spring?”

  1. Great Image Sam! I think I’d like to do something other than add to my winter portfolio! 😉

  2. Great image Sam. There is always an angle of view or a different perspective to acquire. I have been looking at trees this spring too. Spring always brings on the creative drive in us to get out and shoot.

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