The Battle of Beep and Bop…Conclusion?

Last Friday, on Darwin’s blog, we posted the first four images in the Battle of Beep and Bop.  If you recall, Darwin had some difficulty with the complex controls on his Holga, Bop, resulting in some images that were…’ethereal’.  This week it is my turn to post the final four images from the contest.  What do you think?  Here they are:

(Yes, that is Darwin in my image.  He often finds his way into my landscapes.)

We would like to hear from YOU!    Post a comment with your vote for the winner.  We’re offering a free eBook from Visual Wilderness authored by myself — or me and Darwin — of your choice to the person with the most interesting justification for their choice.  So let us know who is the winner and who has to vacuum for one month!


~ by Samantha on February 25, 2011.

20 Responses to “The Battle of Beep and Bop…Conclusion?”

  1. It’s gotta be #4 by Sam. Why?…it’s got a recycling bin. 🙂

  2. The “slight” over exposure of the top image from Darwin does make it ummmm “artistic”!
    The positioning of the “expert” sign is a bit comical considering the overall outcome of the image! 🙂

    I would have to say Sam that your image of the garage is interesting especially given some guy wandered into your image!

    I am going to give Sam the overall vote here Darwin! I think she kicked your butt!

  3. I am going to go with Darwin’s first image because it looks like a vision from someone who is between worlds, who is not quite grounded in reality, and is perhaps even in a fog….need I say more Darwin? I also don’t think you would be an exceptional vacuumer…Sorry Sam!

  4. What an fascinating exercise in visual acuity! Who would have thought that using an out dated medium like film with high tech machines like Beep and Bop would have produced such obviously refined images. All kidding aside, you both produced some intriguing results.

    So who made the better images? Well, I guess that depends on your tastes and my taste favor Darwin’s perfectly crafted visions. Sam’s images are a bit too sharp and almost look like they are just not focused properly. I know that the images produced with such “toy cameras” have a trade mark softness to them but Sam’s images don’t do it for me. On the other hand, Darwin’s images do have an ethereal quality to them! Even if the results were unintentional, by the seasoned pro, they work for me. The softness and bleached out look of Darwin’s photos work perfectly with the dilapidated subjects. So which is my favorite? It’s got to be the hole in the wall! Serendipity takes the day!!

    It’s too bad all of our so called mistakes didn’t turn out as great as Darwin’s! I guess it just takes years of practice to make “Art” out of errors!

    Anyway, great work Darwin. Sam’s going to get you one of these days!!!!!

  5. I vote for Darwin’s first image — and for the concept “ethereal”.

    If you look at the image while inhaling traces of ether, it does, in fact, take on an altogether new dimension.

    Thank you, Darwin for another step forward in photographic technique.

  6. I vote for Sam. I love her view of the black trash cans and “pokey” telephone pole, and the lopsided auto body place has me careening to starboard. Great work, Sam. Us girls have got to stick together (oops, should have said women….not politically correct)!

  7. I really want to vote for Sam because she wears cool hats, but in the short videos you two make I seem to hear Darwin talk more so for some reason I relate to him more thus his picture deliver a more personal feel to me. So I must go with my heart and vote for Brando.

    I would like to trade my free ebook for an all expense paid workshop please, thank you.

    • Ditto! Brando gets my vote too!

      That said, I like both “Expert Auto Body” shots equally so Sam and Darwin tie for second place.

      Where do I send my free eBook to redeem my all expenses paid workshop?


  8. I like Darwin’s compositions and won’t further mention his “Artistic Exposure”. (D, You’re never going to live this one down 😉
    I think Sam wins on secondary subject matter. She has Darwin and a compost bin! (Not to mention a Puffy Orange Coat!)

  9. I like Sam’s first image because Sam did not erase the small faded person. And Sam’s 2nd photo, somehow, reminds me of my home town near Osaka. I know, this is weird, but I guess it is good trick and gift from fine arts

    For the competition, I vote Darwin’s ese-real (ese means “fake” in my dialect) images. Both of them are so dreamy. If I had to choose one of them, I would possibly choose 2nd one since the photo is simple and artistic, and the composition fits in the square format. Lately I have seen so much CONTEMPORARY photography due to Exposure photography festival in Calgary. I may be influenced by these works so my vote might be different at the different time.

  10. I definitely choose Darwin’s two photos in this last post: very solid composition and subject, and the “mistake” makes us see these otherwise mundane subjects come to life in new and unexpected ways (isn’t that the ultimate goal?)

    The other photos were made interesting only by the camera’s inherent vignetting and soft focus, and do not have the enduring pull of these two photos above.

  11. Sam & Darwin, my favorite image here goes to Sam for the “Expert Auto Body”. Sam’s wider view illustrates that due to the lack of automobiles outside the shop – this guy ain’t such an “expert” 🙂

  12. Expert autobody by Darwin wins. Usually toy cameras pics are dark and saturated. It is nice to see washed out and pastel colors.

  13. Well sorry Darwin, I have to go with Sam on this one . . . a being the fantastic photographer that you are, I can’t believe that you didn’t bracket the shots and notice, ahem, that the settings were slightly off. Ouch, I know that hurts, but I think you could consider vacuuming with vigour really good cardio vascular exercise. Okay . .. back to my corner now.

    • Riiight… just bracket the shots… on a Holga.

      Maybe he should have just checked the LCD on the back, or perhaps the multichannel histogram too?

      (Holgas have one aperture and two shutter settings — the aforementioned 1/100 s, and bulb… and oh, they take this special “tape” that you can only check well after the shoot, not SD cards.)

      • Now, now, be nice. I never knew what a Holga was six months ago, either. I suppose, since there are four settings you can control on a Holga (bulb/normal and shady/sunny) you could in effect work a bracket-like change.

  14. I’m voting for Darwin! It looks mysterious…
    Ok, here is the real reason. Sam is gonna get totally pained if she loses and then will punish Darwin (vaccum/ showel snow / do dishes- for a month) and I am waiting to see a sequel to this blog entry.. Lol ( insert wicked laugh- hahahaaaaaaa)

  15. Poor Darwin. I believe that on a subconscious level he knew that his winning ambitions were dead and that this is turn prompted him (also on a subconscious level) to produce ethereal photographs of what things might look like in the afterlife.
    Sit back Sam and put your feet up. Its time for Darwin to do some “down to earth” house work for a while.

  16. I vote for Beep. I like the soft focus and color in the alley shot. In general, I like the effort that Bop gives. Bop seems to infuse Holga essence into these everyday scenes, while Beep seemingly records pencil sketches on cocktail napkins. It’s almost as if Bop, in its passive-aggressive manner, mocks Beep for even trying. And that is blatantly blurring the lines of friendly competition, and that is why I would like to see a photo from Bop of Darwin vacuuming with Beep around his neck.

  17. […] to everyone who made comments and voted on the Battle of Beep and Bop (Samantha and my little Holga shoot-out). Anyone who followed the battle knows that I made a wee […]

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