Family Album

Any time you start a new venture, it is helpful and often instructive to take a look at ‘from whence you came’.  So, cue the tinkle bells, and let’s take a walk back in time to the early days of Effie, the Nikon FE.  When I first met Darwin, I was shooting film with my Nikon FE.  Here are some early attempts with the camera.

Gotta love that shallow depth of field!  Check out this next image.  I love how the camera and 50mm lens deliver a satisfying slice of focus but still allow for an abstract blurring of form.

Early in our relationship, Darwin ‘tested’ me out by taking me on a 16km (10mi) hike with an 865m (2837ft) elevation gain.  I didn’t really have lots of outdoor gear, so before the hike, I asked Darwin, “Are sneakers OK for this hike?”  “Oh sure” he replied.  Well, FYI, wear sturdy shoes if you hit the slopes of Old Baldy Ridge in Kananaskis Country, Alberta!  But what a view at the top!  Here’s Brando after the hike (he didn’t have hiking boots either).

And here’s Darwin, successfully at the top!  (Note the proper footwear).

And here’s me. (Note the sneakers.)

Here’s the whole happy family!

Later on that summer, Darwin was teaching me photography.  This is a picture that Darwin took of me.  Don’t worry; he’s improved a lot since then!





~ by Samantha on February 11, 2011.

4 Responses to “Family Album”

  1. Hello Sam! Nice shots, we can see that you had and still have an artist eye, and you meat the good person to teach your photography. 😉

  2. Great trip down memory lane Sam! Makes me want to go out and buy some film and load up my old FM…
    I think zooming in on Live View has helped Darwin’s focusing since he took the last pic! LOL

  3. It is a kind of interesting to see the artist’s style and taste already there in your early attempts. They are beautiful! I like your dos looking up between two of you.

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