New Article on NPN!

My latest article, The Temporal Nature of Photography, is up on Nature Photographers Network if any of y’all are looking for an excuse to take a five minute break from that report you were reading.  In this month’s piece I continue on the topic of learning to see but from the perspective of how time influences the process of photography.  Here is a quote from the article:

“…[P]hotography is unique in its connection to time; not only does the camera see time in ways different from the human perception of time, but a photographer whose ability to ‘see’ moments in time worth capturing on film or sensor is better equipped to make art with camera and lens.”

It never hurts to think a bit more about the process behind photography, does it!  Speaking of ‘thinking’ is it just me or are the mainstream photography magazines available out there becoming more and more gear-oriented and dumbed down?  This will probably result in my never being published again, but it seems every article is designed to hawk some piece of plastic or other and the art of photography is relegated to a few so-called fine art magazines.  Too bad; we do photography no favours by making it mostly about  technology and little about human vision.


~ by Samantha on February 7, 2011.

One Response to “New Article on NPN!”

  1. Great concept about seeing time, Sam. The camera gives us the ability to experience the effects of time differently than possible with human senses alone. I can remember marveling at photos taken with high-speed photography when I was a kid, and then going and looking at things very intently trying to replicate with my eye what I had seen in print. 🙂

    This is another good reason I disagree with the viewpoint that insists that photography is only about “capturing reality”. “I saw it in a photograph, it must be real and just exactly like that!” No, even without getting into the whole documentary vs. art photography debate, clearly photography is also about interpreting reality.

    To make art is to interpret, and knowing how the tools influence things is to take more control of the interpretation. As you say, the experienced photographer will learn to project the conditions she is looking at “through the lens”, to understand how to make art instead of just relying on good luck and happenstance. Of course, I’m happy to experience good luck, too. 🙂

    As for thinking, well, it’s not just photo magazines is it…?

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