Contests and eBooks, oh my!

Two new updates for Visual Wilderness!  First, the Photo Contest is open.  This month’s theme is the American Landscape.  For a definition on what this means, be sure to read the contest rules as Jay sets it out pretty clearly to me.  In fact, I’m off to Waterton Lakes National Park to make my entry image of Glacier National Park — just kidding, Jay!!  The prize for first place is a spot in Jay and Varina’s popular iHDR Webinar, so be sure to get your entry in before the end of the month for a chance at this great learning opportunity.

Second, I’ve released a new eBook entitled “Mastering Composition and Design Series: Foundations” on Visual Wilderness.  This eBook continues on the theme of sound composition and design from my well-received online photography course over at NPN.  In this eBook, there’s a nifty quiz to take to learn more about what makes you ‘click’ and some self-assignments.  Of course, you don’t have access to a classroom for feedback from me and other students like you do in my online course, but if you don’t have time right now for that more intensive option, then a little eBook on the foundations of artistic expression may be just the ticket.  It’s cheap!  It’s good!  You want it!  Buy it!


~ by Samantha on February 1, 2011.

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