Hey! That’s a Good Camera

I was out with an acquaintance the other day and sort of hanging around with him as he worked.  I was just making hand-held snapshots, but the LCD is nice and bright on newer digital cameras as we know.  A few snaps seemed to capture the action pretty well….  My friend looked at a few images on the LCD as I scrolled through and then exclaimed, “Hey!  That’s a pretty good camera!”

While these were by no means artistic masterpieces, it is a sort of charming reminder of my post just last week on the perception of cameras doing the heavy lifting and the human mind behind the shutter press being ancillary to the whole thing.  Ah, well.

Here’s a shot from earlier this month of some trees caught in frozen overflow.


~ by Samantha on January 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Hey! That’s a Good Camera”

  1. Re: that video that the three of you did a while back on equipment, I guess that I better bring the chocolate bars cause I will never get a good pic with my beginner SLR. Seriously, I appreciate your point of view and exposure in this photo. and love your rants.

    • Hi Jane,

      Thanks for the comment! At heart, John, Darwin and I are just a bunch of goofballs who like to have fun. With any camera! In fact, you just gave me a great idea…separate the artists from the gear heads! A joint challenge to go out with a basic, beginner camera and see what photographers come away with.

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