Continuing on Personal Expression…

Following up on my last post, which of course springboarded off Guy Tal’s inspiring thoughts on creative development, I’m sharing some images I made last weekend at Abraham Lake in the Kootenay Plains, Alberta.  Most people visit the Lake to photograph the ice in winter, and if you haven’t seen it yet, please do check out Wayne Simpson’s photograph of the Lake from the same weekend.  Wayne has returned with an image of the Lake ice that is uniquely his own and something I haven’t seen yet from this iconic location.  While I enjoy looking at images of the Lake ice that other photographers make, I’m usually not very satisfied with my own attempts.  Instead, I find that I often end up photographing the scrubby aspen and willow on the windblown shoreline at the edge of the Lake.  It just goes to show that, while you can get advice on where to stand at a location for a shot, if you attend without pre-conceived ideas you may find yourself photographing something completely different.  And that’s a good thing!  Be true to your inner muse.



~ by Samantha on January 12, 2011.

4 Responses to “Continuing on Personal Expression…”

  1. My favorite images are usually the ones I came across when I was going out to make an entirely different picture.

    I usually find “pre-visualization” and the like to be a distraction from finding the images that are out there calling to me. And I can see why those tree branches are enticing you to photograph them, the last one I really like.

  2. Hey Sam,
    I like the way the first shot radiates outward in all kinds of twisted ways, and the colour is very pleasing and natural as well. Actually, number three really shows that tangled underbrush well and the leaning trees are very cool… I like them both!

    I must say that most of my favourite shots also come from spur of the moment decisions as opposed to pre-conceived ideas. With so many moods of nature (as well as mood shifts) and hidden little treasures it would be a real shame if we didn’t act on the urge to photograph them. Of course, as photographers we will always build images in our mind, however I agree that it is important that we keep flexible enough to work with the gifts that Mother Nature sends our way.

  3. Oh ya, I almost forgot to say thanks for mentioning my shot Sam! I’m glad you like it!


  4. Very beautiful imgaes

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