New eBooks in Time for Christmas

In the spirit of giving this season, I’ve completed not one but two eBooks which are now happily waiting over at Visual Wilderness for you to take them home.  The first eBook, Photographing Intimate Landscapes, features one of my favourite subjects to photograph.  Working my love of the finer details of nature into my artistic background, I share my thoughts on what constitutes an intimate landscape and provide some tips on how to ‘see’ them when in the field with your camera.  The second eBook features another one of my favourite subjects to photograph:  trees!  The Li’l eBook of Trees is jammed full of the many photographs of trees that I’ve made over the last few years.  The more I photograph trees, the more I see human nature reflected in their form and shape.  In case you find looking at pictures boring, I’ve thrown in some rambling thoughts and whimsical puzzlers for those who like to savour an image as they visit it.  Best of all, this eBook is FREE!  I hope you enjoy my latest efforts — please let me know what you think!



~ by Samantha on December 16, 2010.

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