Light Matters Masterclass: Creative Expression

There are photo tours, and then there are photo tours.  Almost every photo tour and workshop I’ve been on or hosted focused on craft over art in photography.  I think this is partly in response to demand:  we have a lot of new shooters out there with digital cameras just now finding the passion of making pictures.  And it is also partly due to the technical nature of the tools that we use to make pictures: cameras, lenses, tripods….  But to reduce photography to just a craft (or just ‘documentary’) is to do the art form a great disservice.

Photography is Art with a capital ‘A’.  Just like a car does not drive itself to a winning race, a camera does not make artistic pictures on it’s own.  Even if you dropped your camera and the shutter went off and you liked the result, the by-product is what Freeman Patterson calls ‘happy accidents’, a one-off that you probably couldn’t repeat.  And, in any case, a human turned on the camera in the first place.  The human presence is always behind the creation and perception of art.

Which is why I am excited to announce a new workshop that is unique to the Canadian Rockies.  First in the series of Light Matters Masterclasses, “Creative Expression” is the brain-child of three photographers who sat down and thought: “The photo workshop world needs more.”  Royce Howland, Darwin Wiggett and I designed this event to target those photographers ready to invest energy and drive into finding the harmonic balance between craft, art and profession.  If you are seeking to bend craft into artistic expression and professional presentation, then read our pdf announcing this compelling masterclass.

Quick Details:

When:     November 3-7, 2010

Where:    Aurum Lodge, Bighorn Wildland.

Cost:        $2745 cdn. which includes workshop fee, lodging and all meals

Contact Aurum Lodge to register.  Space is extremely limited at 9 participants, so please register early.


~ by Samantha on September 19, 2010.

2 Responses to “Light Matters Masterclass: Creative Expression”

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