The Photo Coach, Part I

One of my NPN students, Dave Terpening, enjoyed my online course but at the end of it, was wanting to continue working on his images.  A little feedback was just the ticket!  Dave came up with the idea of doing some further one-on-one assignment work with image critique and the idea of the Photo Coach was born.  So far, we’ve done a portfolio review and a first assignment.  I came up with the first assignment (Dave’s is for this month) and I think I preferred Dave’s images to mine!  I don’t know who is learning more here….

Dave gave me permission to post his portfolio on my blog.  I will be doing so in two parts.  This is part I.  Sit back, scroll through and enjoy.  Great work, Dave!


~ by Samantha on September 9, 2010.

6 Responses to “The Photo Coach, Part I”

  1. The photos are amazing . . . just wonderful. Kudos to Dave.

  2. Beautiful shots, what a great idea, a photo coach, that’s perfect. I find that’s what makes me improve is practicing and having someone critique it.

  3. Excellent portfolio Dave! That’s good coaching Sam!

  4. Fantastic shots. Kudos to the student and the coach.

  5. Well done, I especially enjoy #6. Keep up the good work Dave. Good coaching Sam.

  6. […] Samantha’s Photo Coach. […]

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