And They’re Off!

That’s right folks, we’re Off to the Yukon today!  Yippee!  As a result of a lil’ itty bitty photo contest I won this past winter, Darwin and I get to pack our bags once more and head north.  Two years ago we made a voyage north to the Yukon for a month of shooting the fall colours of August (you heard me correctly, people — fall colours in August).  We packed ourselves, our dog, clothes, food, camping gear and a spare tire and trundled around up north seeking to capture the beauty of the True North.  A small hitch to our plans was that it rained pretty much the entire time we were up there.  All the locals kept shaking their heads and sighing, saying, “I’ve never seen such a wet summer!”  So, while we didn’t get classic sunrise and sunset images, we did fall in love just a bit with the Yukon.  Hence our destination of choice among many other destinations from all around Canada as a prize in the photo contest.

But this is a pleasure trip, not a photo trip.  As in, no nights spent in a sagging tent with a soggy dog and two soaking wet humans.  As in, no grizzly bears  that have learned to rip through food coolers snuffling nearby.  As in, mmmm we get to sleep in and eat restaurant food!!

Here are a few images from our trip two years ago (did I mention it rained the entire time?).  Hope the weather is smiling on us this time.


~ by Samantha on August 6, 2010.

3 Responses to “And They’re Off!”

  1. Great photos. When living in Finland we have to wait until mid September and to the beginning of October to fall colors, all depending how North one is living.

    Here it has been very dry season. Flowers in our garden are cying “water, water”. Now I know where it has been raining.

  2. Have fun out there! Is that 2nd photo of Nares Lake near Carcross?

  3. All beautiful images, have a great holiday.

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