Wrappin’ Up a Fun Morning at the Ranch

What a beautiful day for the Scott Kelby’s Third Annual Photo Walk! This year, Darwin and I headed south to the Bar U Ranch National Historic Site to lead the walk.  It was clear skies and butter biscuits (seriously) all morning.  I had a blast meeting some wonderful new friends, and reconnecting with old friends, which is one reason why I think these walks are a great idea.  I hope everyone enjoyed their day and took home some keepers.  Hats off to the Bar U Ranch staff:  they were friendly, informative — and game for our photo needs with their period costume-wear.  My only regret?  Too short of a walk!  Perhaps Darwin and I will have to organize a western-themed tour somewhere down that dusty old road….

While there are still gorgeous Percheron horses at the Bar U, the days of being a renowned breeding centre for the monolithic animals are over for Bar U.  A commemorative scaffolding bears the weight of the tack used to outfit these magnificent animals as they worked on the historic Ranch.

The heat was intense, and some of us couldn’t take it (right Darwin?).  How many of you Walkers today photographed the long johns??  Feel free to link with your images!

Ok, I’m totally stealing this idea from Graham Budd.  But he never responded to my pleas to sell me his RAW file of the church through the window from our Extreme Saskatchewan Tour, so what can I do?  Slavishly copy, of course!  Oh!  And Hendrik Boesch won the draw for the extra money we accidentally collected from everyone, so way to go Hendrik!  (When you  win the lottery and buy those acres west of Calgary, you know who will be your faithful friends ever ready to come by and take pictures).

Here is a group shot taken by John Fujimagari (our friend, and someone who gracefully stepped up when we told him he was to take the group shot!!)

Until next year’s Walk, and as Corb Lund sings, aim it to the left and a little low, and always tip the glass when you pour.


~ by Samantha on July 24, 2010.

8 Responses to “Wrappin’ Up a Fun Morning at the Ranch”

  1. We had a great time too. Thanks for the tips about the filters and stuff! Oz

  2. It was a great time, but you are right, TOO SHORT! Nice “Homage” to Graham 😉
    And Corb Lund! His Mom and my Mom are friends…

  3. […] Samantha Chrysanthou has beaten me off the mark and already posted from the walk. […]

  4. Great time for sure, nice seeing some old friends and meeting new ones!

  5. Wow, your Mom knows Corb Lund’s Mom?? You are practically a celebrity. We’re coming over for dinner, John.

  6. These are all great shots. That is a really cool shot through the window screen:)

  7. I’m guilty of shooting the longjohns – red on blue and green: I was sucked in for a couple of images.

    Fun day for sure, thanks for leading.

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