Well, back from a non-photo backcountry hike to Mount Robson with friends.  I’ve done a few of my Saskatchewan images (soooo faaaarr behind) and will post some now.  For some reason, I was shooting a lot of photo stitches on the Extreme Saskatchewan Tour, so here are some that are quite skinny verticals.  They remind me of bookmarks!


~ by Samantha on July 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “Bookmarks”

  1. Good job on the stitches Sam. They all work really well.
    What’s this a “non-photo” back country hike to Mt Robson? That would kill me

  2. Really nice photos Sam! I especially like #1 and #2.

  3. I love the photos. They don’t fit fully in the horizontal dimension of my screen, so its like a surprise to scroll down and see what is below!

  4. I know, Luke, it’s a small tragedy. When I can’t take my camera, I tend to call the hike a ‘scout’!

  5. I Love the “Bookmarks”! But I kept saying “Damn, I didn’t see that!” Great images Sam!

  6. […] and Squat I suppose the opposite of my long skinny ‘bookmarks’ from the Extreme Saskatchewan Tour will be the fat squares I also composed.  Here are some of my favourite images so […]

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