Graham’s Images

Graham’s evocative images from Saskatchewan are below.  Nice work, Graham!


~ by Samantha on July 14, 2010.

5 Responses to “Graham’s Images”

  1. I love the reflection shot of the Big 10-4, with all the rain we had it never even occurred to me to do something like that. Excellent image.

  2. loved this set! esp the wide angle shot of the house! great composition!

  3. Another great set. Way to go Graham! I’m with Dave — the Big 10-4 is a pleasant surprise. I really enjoy that one. Great mood in all 3, they feel cohesive in style with a number of your others that we’ve seen. That’s a strong factor, I feel.

  4. […]  ©Graham Budd All rights reserved, used with permission […]

  5. […] this idea from Graham Budd.  But he never responded to my pleas to sell me his RAW file of the church through the window from our Extreme Saskatchewan Tour, so what can I do?  Slavishly copy, of course!  Oh!  And Hendrik Boesch won the draw for the […]

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