Zach Arias’ Awesome Video

Peter Carroll’s latest blog posting about the new education internet channel called creativeLive (put together by Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson) is worth checking out.  Head to Peter’s post for all the links and full details, but also make sure you scroll down and watch Zach Arias’ awesome video on getting some perspective in your photography.  It’s wonderful not only for the filming, story and music, but also for the attitude adjustment a lot of us need from time to time in this competitive industry.


~ by Samantha on June 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Zach Arias’ Awesome Video”

  1. Sam – If I ever meet Zach Arias, the first words out of my mouth would be thanks for that video. Every time I watch it I make a connection to my flying days. Gyroscopes are part of the orientation instrumentation in aviation. They have a “pull to cage” knob which resets the instrument after it has tumbled. We all tumble at times and need resetting. That video with its gems of wisdom such as “don’t compare yourself to others”, “we aren’t curing cancer”, “every photographer in all of history was a horrible photographer for some period of time” and “transformation takes time and it’s worth the wait” is my photography “pull to cage” knob.

  2. Beautiful photograph Sam, I really like the tones and the feeling here. I also saw the video. I think what I got most out of it is that the most important things in life are the people in your lives right now and if you focus on the little things you miss out on the bigger things. The little things for photography would be if you get upset because you missed that magic moment and you let it ruin your day when they’ll be other sunsets etc. As well, like any skill, being good at photography takes time and practice so focus on the journey rather than the destination such a cliche but so true. And, I think it’s important to have balance as a photographer. Work at it but don’t forget what’s really important in life because time goes by so fast, kids get older, you get older, friends get older, pets get older and you don’t want to miss those times with them. Photography doesn’t define who you are it’s piece of you but not all of you.

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