Hike to Glacier Lake

I went hiking with Darwin and Wayne Simpson in the last few days to Glacier Lake in Banff.  We had pretty good weather for spring.  Glacier Lake is an oblong, incredibly blue lake.  The shore is clean and sprinkled deeply with pebbles and peppered with driftwood.  Although the lake and campground were very enjoyable, I found the photography a bit challenging.  I guess I really do like to take pictures of aspen trees and grass!  Anyway, here are some of my shots of the trip.  Darwin and Wayne have already posted theirs (those keeners) so be sure to check them out.


~ by Samantha on May 21, 2010.

6 Responses to “Hike to Glacier Lake”

  1. Well I think you did a mighty fine job!!! Just gorgeous!!

  2. […] It was great to get out in the back-country this past week! Check out  what Wayne Simpson and Samantha Chrysanthou posted on their blogs from this trip. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Photo of the […]

  3. Having traveled some with other photographers, some who were new and others familiar with the areas being visited, it’s always interesting to learn about different individuals’ visual responses. Some people take to a new region right away, others not so much. Some seem to be able to find subjects to shoot without much trouble, but then after aren’t thrilled with how they were seeing things. I’ve had that experience myself.

    This set of 4 captures one key thing about a mountain lake trail for me, and that’s the contrasting experience of the openness looking towards mountains out over the water, vs. the closeness of the alpine forest. What did you find the most challenging?

  4. I really like the 3rd and 4th shots Sam! That crazy stick is pretty cool, and the order from chaos in the 4th works well. I have to admit, I also found the shooting quite challenging on this trip, but I think it’s good for us to be forced to look harder for shots. A bit of a “shock to the system” keeps us on our toes I guess!


  5. It’s really interesting seeing yours, Darwin’s and Wayne’s photos for the trip. Everyone’s are so different. I think your shots are really nice and I especially like 4 and 3. Looks like you have a great hike.

  6. Hey everyone!

    Thanks for the feedback; Carolyn, I think the whole trip was challenging for me! I do like forests to shoot, but prefer aspen or even-undergrowth to work with. It is easier to bring order to chaos from it. This trip was extremes, as you hint at, with the broad, open expanse vs the busy, complicated forest. In the end, while the lake had more immediate ‘glamour’, it was the forest which was the true challenging beauty!

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