Announcement of Extreme Saskatchewan Tour

Update May 7th:  we’re all sold out!  We’re sorry if you missed us this time; send an email to Darwin or me and we’ll add you to our info list so that you get first notice next time.

I first fell in love with the prairies at birth.  Born on the southern Albertan plain, my earliest memories are of grass, sky and wind.  The smell of the prairie — dust and flowers — is something you are either blind to or cannot forget.  I always feel more at ease and at home with my eye gazing at the openness of the western prairie.

And this is why I am very excited to announce an exclusive prairie tour June 16-20, 2010!  I’m teaming up with Darwin Wiggett and Branimir Gjetvaj to take 7 lucky participants on an intense, photographic journey of some of southwestern Saskatchewan’s most delectable delights.  We are going to crest the sandy dunes of the Great Sandhills, survey the snaking path of the South Saskatchewan River from high overlooks and traipse around the rusty remains of sun-bleached machinery.  We have designed a tour sure to please the photographer passionate about all the prairie has to offer, from landscape to junkyard, big sky to corroded headlight.  With only 7 photographers and 3 instructors, you will have exclusive and uncluttered access to the generous scenery of the plains as well as several private ranches and farms. 

This tour is for all skill levels, from passionate beginners wanting an immersive experience to commercial photographers seeking property-released imagery.  While this is a tour-style trip, the three instructors are on hand to answer any questions you may have.  Also, we will be doing some inventive light-painting, so be prepared to hone your skills with this exciting form of photography!

For more information, or to sign up, skip an email over to Darwin who is handling the registration for this trip at:

But don’t delay!  With only 7 spots, we are sure to fill up soon.


~ by Samantha on May 4, 2010.

6 Responses to “Announcement of Extreme Saskatchewan Tour”

  1. Sam, great shots and the tour sounds perfect. I wish I could come as this is an area I like to photograph too when I’m lucky enough to get out there. I was out near Saskatoon recently and had a chance to drive into the countryside one afternoon. Here’s what I found:

  2. Hi Sam, What a great idea! Saskatchewan’s character is similar but very different than that of Alberta. Maybe it’s just because I see Alberta everyday, but get to the other prairie not very often. It is stunning though and you can count me in!
    P.S. the link for Branimir Gjetvaj doesn’t seem to work.

  3. Patti, I love Biggar, SK! Your business name, ‘ginger snap photography’ is wonderful, too. Nice pics!

    Laura, I’ve fixed the link, thanks. If you are interesting in coming, send Darwin an email for more info if you haven’t already.

  4. Sam, thank you! With having crazy red hair and loving photography, the name choice was, well…a snap. Love your work and always enjoy your rants.

  5. […] run a photo tour next month called Extreme Saskatchewan. The tour is described by both Darwin and Sam, and it struck me right away as “I gotta […]

  6. […] of the tours you may have read about in Darwin and my blogs, I’ve posted this clip from our Extreme Saskatchewan Tour below.  You can expect only the utmost in professional quality of instruction and 24/7 discussions […]

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