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Here is an interesting story that David Lilly sent to me; it seems to fit with my recent post.  Here’s the story.  What are your thoughts on the future of photography??


~ by Samantha on April 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “Interesting Link”

  1. Hi Sam, I have read this article recently I believe from a post on the NPN forum. I re-read it again, here are my feelings on this.

    Photography as a profession is no different than any other profession. Advancments in technology changes the way one conducts business. This is not a problem as long as business owners recognize the changes, learn and adapt. If one does not change then they stand still and commeerce will pass them by. That is my feeling on the technical part of this digital photography phenomenon. Where supposably anyone with a digital camera can now take pictures and sell them for pennies to stock agencies thereby putting long time pros out of business. If that puts a pro out of business my felling is, and I will be blunt here, they should count themselves lucky for having been able to have a business before that in the first place. Using that logic if you gave a pro level camera to an amature they will in no time take all your other income away as well. This is putting the blame in the wrong place. The problem isn’t that cheap cameras take good pictures, or that amatures are willing to sell their shots for pennies, it’s about creativity and the lack of. Let the amatures own the stock photo companies who cares. Let magazines become full of pictures took by aunt mary or uncle ralph on their trip to the zoo. If the market bears it than we must execpt it. Photgraphers (and I’m talking to myself as well) must stop blaming and start creating. Creativity must extend from behind the camera into the market place. Just because your neighbor with a cheap p&s can take a good picture shouldn’t meen the sky is falling and they can sell their snap shots to everyone in the world looking for photography.

    I could go on and on about this but I should save that for my own soapbox.

    Thanks Sam

  2. Hi Brad,
    I agree; you can look at it as the sky is falling, or you can see all the new opportunities available out there. I think what has caught some photographers by surprise is the speed of the change–they were very comfortable for most of their careers doing mostly one thing. Those who can adapt, will. You are right that this is the same principle for all commerce.

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