Spring: a.k.a. ‘The Season of Brown’

While my new computer is getting set up, I have not been out shooting very much.  Plus, most of Alberta is covered in a carpet of dead, brown vegetation.  Most countries call this time of year ‘spring’, but such a fresh, hopeful term does not fit at all with the view outside my window!

Generally, I like photographing this kind of stuff; it works very well with more subtle, intimate landscapes.  And since we get two seasons of it — late fall and early spring — it is useful to find some beauty in decay.  Since I haven’t been out much recently, here are some ‘brown’ images from last fall.  McDougall Church is west of Calgary and seems the quintessential relic of early days.  The Rocky Mountains rise in the background but the church is situated on the edge of the prairie and surrounded by the Stoney Indian Reserve.  Built in 1875 by Reverend McDougall, it is in wonderful condition at present, but check out this image from the Glenbow Archives from 1949.

By the way, a 5 stop ND filter from Singh-Ray allowed me to build up the colour and increase the motion blur of the second image below.



~ by Samantha on March 16, 2010.

3 Responses to “Spring: a.k.a. ‘The Season of Brown’”

  1. In the southern US we skip winter and have one long brown season from late fall to early spring. If we get any sort of winter type weather it usually only lasts a day or two.

  2. One of my favourite places and you captured it well.

  3. Sam,

    I like the composition in the last two photographs, but not the first.

    Good eye and great photography.


    Check my website for my latest.

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