Hard Lessons

I’ve been dealing with a very grumpy computer this week, so sorry for no interesting posts.  

These days, a photographer has to wear a lot of hats to be successful, and one of those hats is ‘computer guru’.  Knowing your way around software and hardware is a definite advantage.  Think of the savings if you can design, build and populate your own website!  Or, if you don’t have such skills, knowing someone who can provide these services without charging an arm and a leg is the next best thing.  This desire is similar to our need for good mechanics and good lawyers — we always seem to have some question for them, but repeat visits are expensive!

Well, computer guru I am not, so I will limp along until the new hefty workstation arrives in its new home.  The hard lesson?  Make sure you have an efficient and organized data folder system for storing your business files and images — and that they are backed up!!


~ by Samantha on March 9, 2010.

6 Responses to “Hard Lessons”

  1. Hi Sam,

    I am not half as smart as you, but I do my own website and have mastered the software. If I can do it anybody can.

    Yes, you have to back everything up more than once – alway the way to go.


  2. And be sure that your backup strategy includes off-site backups as well. Given the volume of data we generate with modern cameras, optical media like DVDs don’t cut it–get used to having some dedicated external drives that you fill up, take off site, and then bring back every so often for updates.

    Online backup services like BackBlaze and Mozy are good, but it takes a *long* time to get your data up onto their servers–I mean it will take months. They’re still worth it, but you should use the external hard drives off-site technique while waiting for everything to make it into the cloud.

  3. Hi Sam

    Another idea is to store your external hard drives with your backups in a fire and water proof safe. I have a small one that only cost $50 and can easily store 2 to 4 hard drives depending on their size.

    Good luck with the new computer.

  4. Oh no! How much did you lose? Hopefully minor stuff. I guess I take the middle ground on backups. I have internal and external drives where I store copies incase any one drive goes tits up but I’ve never gone the offsite or fireproof box path. I figure if my house burns down having a hard drive or two safe won’t cheer me up. Having copies of old stuff is good but I’m always more excited about the stuff I’m presently working on or the stuff I have yet to shoot.

  5. Hey Sam, I hope things were just minor.

    I have been doing the backups 2 ways.
    Backblaze for backing up in the internet cloud. 15/mo unlimited space, but it took me 51 days to back up 230GB of data. 3.5-5 GB/day

    I have a DROBO, that redundantly uses 2 x 500GB hardrives for physical backup. It leaves 464 GB for safe storage Kinda pricey, but I guess how much is that piece of mind worth.

  6. Thanks for the suggestions and comments, everyone. Don’t worry, I have backups of my images–it was more remembering what was backed up in terms of ongoing, working documents and such. When you only back up here and there, you wonder what is where!

    Any further suggestions or comments on how people go about backing up their data are very welcome, though, as I am looking into refining my system. What I currently do is back up images on a hard drive at home, on dvds at home, and on dvds off-site. The online storage is intriguing, as is the idea of a safe or even bank safety deposit box.

    Pros and cons to both!

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