Two New Articles Out!

I’m seeing Intimate Landscapes everywhere!  In preparation for my talk this Saturday on Mastering Intimate Landscapes (hosted by The Camera Store), I have spun off two other pieces on photographing intimate landscapes.  Check out the Singh-Ray Blog for how I use filters to creatively capture intimate scenes, and swing ’round The Camera Store to see my teaser of 3 Quick Tips for shooting intimate landscapes in winter.

Here’s a shot from my morning walk — we woke up to a beautiful carpet of fluffy snow covering our muddy, brown hills.  A welcome gift after missing photographing an amazing sunset last night!!


~ by Samantha on February 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “Two New Articles Out!”

  1. Sam,

    This photo is an excellent example on how to handle a complicated subject and make it simple. Truly only the masters can do this. If anyone needs more info they can contact me or ask Sam .

    David Lilly

  2. Ha! ‘masters’…. You kill me, David! 🙂

  3. Sam,
    Attended your talk today, Intimate Landscapes. It was both inspirational and to the point, very practical and also great to hear your perspective in breaking the barrier in creating the vision in seeing. Now comes the practice…..
    Thanks again for the class today.
    Hoping to attend a workshop with yourself and Darwin sometime in the future.

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