While the Olympics Are On….

Pretty exciting stuff, these Olympics.  However, I am very sorry for the tragedy with the Georgian luge Olympian; a sad way to start the games.  But it seems that everyone is giving it their best effort and putting on brave, forward-thinking faces.  I usually don’t watch tv, and we cancelled our cable a little while ago.  But I was compelled to turn the tv on to try and catch the opening ceremonies.  No dice:  all I saw was fuzzies or the blue screen of death (which is really our video channel, but in our office this term applies to a computer that has crashed.  And to the end of whatever nice plans we had for that weekend!)

So what does a photographer do with no tv?

Why, process old images, of course.  Here are a few images from a trip I took in the early fall to southern Alberta.  No Olympic feat, but at least I’m getting to backlog without distraction.  Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!


~ by Samantha on February 14, 2010.

One Response to “While the Olympics Are On….”

  1. Great shots Sam, beautiful skies and composition.

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