Netiquette Strikes Again!

Thanks, everyone for your comments.  I was surprised at how many of you responded to me with your support of my last post on Netiquette.  Actually, everyone has been very polite and constructive with their comments except for in relation to one subject, the infamous 7D Review Darwin and I wrote together.  And yes, while Darwin definitely has the more technical know how for such tests, it was jointly performed and written.  I’m guilty!

But the reason for this post is that I had another comment land in my inbox yesterday, snuggled there with all the other little emails….  But this one was not such a pretty baby.  So, what’s the best way to institute the new rules on Netiquette?  Why, break them of course!  Here’s the comment I received on my response to the 7D review blog:

“Veronica how come your knowledge of photos is relatively inexperienced. Perhaps you should stick to a fully automatic point shoot camera ?”

Netiquette says to remember the human behind the webpage.  Obviously Tom here didn’t read closely enough to get my name right, so I’ve pretty much discarded what little he had to say.  But what I will do, and am doing, is sending a link to the Netiquette page by email directly to Tom to help him understand the best methods for getting people to put some merit in his opinion.  After all, if you take the time to type out a comment, you probably want people to put some stock in it, right?

Anyway, a shame-mail is coming your way, Tom.  And anyone else who sends comments to this blog with anything less than kindergarten level manners.  Hurrah for Adult Civility!


~ by Samantha on January 27, 2010.

4 Responses to “Netiquette Strikes Again!”

  1. Hi Sam,

    I think when your up there, there are just some people in life who just want to bring you down. So, you should just be proud of your accomplishments to date. You write great articles and take great photos and I am looking forward to seeing more work from you. Cheers!!!

  2. Another mail? Oh gosh. I totally support the policy of netiquette. There is just no reason for such disrespect.

  3. Hi Veronica! Perhaps Dave needs to stick with a large-format camera.


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