Urban Jungle

On a recent photo assignment in downtown Calgary, I snapped a few images of the city’s infamous ‘tree’ sculptures on Stephen Avenue.  (Trees?  I always thought these things were reminiscent of giant fishhead skeletons washed up on an oil-slicked beach — the resource industry’s last laugh).  The word is that these crazy structures are designed to break up the wind that howls through the towering skyscrapers on this pedestrian mall.

It was a bit of a cold shoot, with about -15C temperatures.  My fingers were getting numb and it was dusk so I only took a few images.  But back at home, I swept a little ‘bleach bypass’ magic over the digital files from the Nik Color Efex Pro plug-in to make a slightly washed out look (except the middle image–that’s straight).  I like the rather futuristic effect, although I still find the compositions a tad cluttered. 

Do any Albertans (or anyone) know the name of the artist(s) whose brain hatched the idea of these sculptures?

If you want to see how it is REALLY done, check out Royce Howland’s image of these things on his Flickr site. 



~ by Samantha on January 6, 2010.

5 Responses to “Urban Jungle”

  1. Great pictures Sam!
    I work in Bankers Hall and I never knew what the in the world these are. I asked the building management and they sent me a few links:


    The 450 ton structures were designed by Cohos Evamy Partners.

    Another link on page 23: http://www.myvirtualpaper.com/doc/Award/Award_April-09/2009041701/23.html

  2. Wicked shots Sam!! I totally love Nik Color Efex Pro. That software and the Lightrein egg crate for my octo softbox are the two best purchases I made last year. The bleach bypass on the first shot totally accentuates the metallic subject. Great stuff!!

  3. I really love this images. Great capture

  4. Good trio! I like the “bleached” version particularly… the cool blue tone mixes well with the steel & glass details. The vertical framing allows the lines to flow.

    I have tried to find out who designed these as well, and only ever discovered what Matt said — design credit given to Cohos Evamy.

    Thank-you kindly for the link, by the way. 🙂

  5. […] out these links for images by Samantha Chrysanthou and Royce Howland. Big time “wow!” moments in both cases. I’ll have to return to […]

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