My First 5 Digital Photos!

My ego is probably no smaller than the next guy’s, but I also enjoy poking fun at myself.  So, for my humbling act of the week, I thought I would post my first 5 photos taken with my first digital camera–the Nikon D100.  I had taken a few images before with a point-n-shoot and a film camera, but the D100 purchase marked my first serious attempts at photography.

These images were taken three years ago in the summer on two different nights.  I think I was lucky those two nights with the lovely yellow canola fields and the clouds, so they aren’t actually too bad for first efforts.  Here they are:

I think there is some merit in going back to the beginning and seeing where you’ve been and how far you’ve come.  I’ve made worse images than these since taking them, but of course I’ve made some better ones too!  Being objective about your work is a critical skill to learn and essential in helping you improve as an artist.

How far have you come since your first images?


~ by Samantha on November 23, 2009.

6 Responses to “My First 5 Digital Photos!”

  1. Goodness. These are your first pictures? I suspect that the post-processing represents your current abilities rather than what you could do at the time, but even the composition and technical details are excellent.

    I made my first digital pictures with a Kodak DC120 back in the spring of 1997. I think the very first picture I took with it was of my girlfriend (now my wife–maybe we had just gotten engaged, so she might have been my fiance…) in the camera store where I bought the camera.

    Even my first pictures from my first DSLR back in January 2002 are pretty poor.

    I have come a very long way since then.

  2. Well…it really was a nice evening, with golden, skimming light. These aren’t re-processed images. At the time, I was shooting in jpeg so these are pretty much it. But make no mistake, I had lots of help learning Photoshop along the way.

  3. Hi, these shots are amazing. I love the simplicity and the beauty at the same time. I don’t see anything wrong with these shots but then again I am a newbie photographer who is just learning so, I don’t see what’s wrong with them. They look pro to me.:)

  4. Sam: you must have some extensive experience before photography with visual arts. Painting? Art history? Something like that. If not, then you’re supernaturally talented–not just for these pictures but for the material you write for your NPN course.

    • Hi Tommy,

      You guessed it! I have a huge advantage on the composition side with taking both some art classes in high school and an art history course in university. As I mention in the course, I highly recommend doing some collateral, artistic project as a way to improve your photography. Too often people think of photography as a technical exercise, but the essence of a good photograph are in the creative vision of the artist-photographer.

  5. You had some great dynamic conditions going on of which you took full advantage. I agree, it is often a rewarding and excellent learning exercise to look back and see where one has come. These images definitely show a strong start, but I am a sucker for big prairie and big sky shots!

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