October’s Self-Assignment Image

Here is an image of Mount Yamnuska in Bow Valley Provincial Park:

Moon Over Yamnuska

I shot this in early October and have decided to use it as my  monthly image for my self-assignment.  I’ve cropped off a chunk of the blue sky to make a more square-ish format.  Mount Yamnuska is an interesting and recognizable feature in Bow Valley Provincial Park.  Its sheer limestone face was created as a result of thrust from the Mcconnell Fault.  Apparently (I’m no geological expert here), there is 80 million year old rock in its face and 8 million year old rock at the scree slopes near its base.  Pretty cool!  “Yamnuska” translates to ‘wall of stone’ from the First Nation’s term for the mountain.

Yamnuska, or Mount John Laurie as it is also called in honour of that individual who was a friend and founder of the Indian Association of Alberta, is also a popular spot for Calgary rock climbers and scramblers bent on practising their technique.  It’s a gorgeous hike in the spring and fall when you can look down from the first shoulder of the mountain and gaze out over the Bow River valley.


~ by Samantha on November 5, 2009.

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