Visit to the North

Fall Aspen

I had the privilege of visiting Yellowknife in the Canadian Northwest Territory this month.

 What an amazing place.

 Despite frequently lamenting the length of Canadian winters, I love the summer light in the Canadian north.  While my skin loves to soak up the flashy, hot light of the desert, I prefer to photograph in the pondering twilight of the great north.  Although not as intense as in the south, northern light has staying power.  It slowly swells and spreads, gently illuminating the face of the earth as the planet drifts on its axis like a child sleeping in its cradle. 


For a photographer in the south, golden light happens in minutes around sunrise and sunset before becoming either too intense or disappearing altogether.  For me, northern light is patient and abiding, painting the sky in shifting shades of silver, cyan and peach.  Southern light sends creatures scurrying for shelter from its blistery power; northern light coos for life to come out and enjoy the lingering evening that melds into dawn.

 Besides the pleasure of co-teaching a seminar with Darwin in Yellowknife (what friendly people!), I was given the opportunity by our generous host, Lee Sacrey, to photograph around the area.  Most of my images are on my new website gallery, but here are a few I really liked.

Backlit aspen

Miner's tools

Fall colours


~ by Samantha on September 20, 2009.

3 Responses to “Visit to the North”

  1. We were glad to have you Samantha. Now we just need to get you back for some more shooting (photographs of course).

  2. Wow! Great pictures! Makes me want to go up to the North!

  3. Some great shots, Samantha. It was a pleasure sharing coffee with Darwin, yourself, and Lee!


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