Summer is Almost Over

Summer is almost over…that’s what I feel like, anyway.  I look back at my summer and see a lot of admin time and little creative time.  Since winter here can be too long (gorgeous sunny, snowy days–but too many of them), I’m feeling like a little ground squirrel who has yet to pad her nest.

Luckily, I am taking a break from the computer and projects and just going camping.  Since I am pretty much camera-less (my adopted camera having been commandeered by Darwin), I can really just concentrate on enjoying the scenery.  I’m travelling with friends and we are going to a simply gorgeous spot in Banff called Waterfowl Lakes.  I’ll bring the Canon G9, but my focus will be on spending good times with friends.

Here’s a shot of Waterfowl Lake from a few weeks ago:

Sunset at Waterfowl Lake

(The photographer in me is wishing I had my trusty little Canon Rebel for this trip…must…learn…to…let…go….)

Everyone, get out there and soak up the last of the summer sun!


~ by Samantha on August 19, 2009.

2 Responses to “Summer is Almost Over”

  1. Hello Sam,

    I enjoy your rants. I spoke to you not to long ago about creating a website and you were kind enough to offer your advice and suggestions. Smugmug is obviously your choice and from what I see it is a good one-thanks again. I am an amateur photographer so I do not have the time constraints that professionals like yourself have to deal with when it comes to making sellable photographs. Having said that I still have trouble getting motivated to just go out and shoot. After retirement in a couple of years I hope to be able to sell some of my photos, to who I am not sure. In your opinion,how are sources located for possible sales?

    Another question; not being a big fan of post image work, is it possible to make a photo in the field, not do any Photoshop work and still have a picture worth selling?
    One final question; apart from having Darwin as a partner and a prime mover ( I will say however I follow Darwin’s articles in Outdoor Photography Canada and enjoy them quite a bit ) in picture making outings what is your motivation to get out there and shoot?

    Thanks for your time

    randy (:

    • Hi Randy,

      Thanks for your comment. As for sales… it really depends on what you are selling and to whom. The best advice I have to answer this question is ‘research’: talk to other photographers who shoot the same things you do and see what worked for them. Look on the internet to see what products are out there and how they are being presented. For me, I tend to shoot more freelance, landscape work. I put these images in stock or I work them into ideas for magazine articles, instructional courses or fine art prints. Most nature/landscape photographers I know put their work into a variety of outputs like this as no one avenue is especially lucrative. If you are serious about making money off your photography, you have to treat it as a business like any other. If you just want to make enough to cover the costs of your passion, start local and raise your profile around home (town/province).

      You can sell images straight out of the camera if you shoot jpeg (especially if you shoot the largest quality jpeg setting your camera supports). Modern cameras do a pretty good job of making a finished photograph in camera. You will need to know the needs of the buyer though for this to be acceptable. Also, keep in mind that, generally, the more pixels on your digital sensor, the bigger you can make the final image.

      Photography is not a sport for the faint-of-heart. Like any art form, it is most enjoyed when you have a passion for it. Passion, though, can be cultivated by spending time on your craft and in learning about your craft. So…I stay motivated by first enjoying creating photographs and second by getting out there and doing them! To keep things fresh, I try new things like joining camera clubs, doing presentations and learning from others. If you are not making a business out of this, then shoot when you feel like it as the goal is enjoyment here, not a post-retirement job. But set challenges too, and try and grow as a photographer to motivate yourself to climb to new levles.

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