Spring Thaw

 In Alberta, it has been a cold, blustery spring.  The leaves where I live are about a week or so behind schedule, at least compared to my photographs from last year.  Not that we are known for our long, shiny spring season anyway, but this year’s delay was a bit much.  Especially if you consider that our summer season is short as well, about three months, before the chill hits the air and our short autumn sets in.

Kananaskis Country, Alberta

The gloominess of this year’s spring has made me want to hibernate!  I have managed to get out faithfully each month for my self-assignment of shooting every month, but shooting snow scenes 10 months of the year can be a bit wearying.  My envy of other photographers’ gorgeous images of greenery around their home as the leaves unfurl grows when I poke around online.

 Fence in frozen slough


Slowly, slowly the first crocus came out and hope emerged that spring would show its face.

 Too often in the early months of this year, I was tempted to just chuck the project.  Who would know?  It is not like some instructor was waiting to grade my paltry efforts.  But I am sometimes a tenacious person, and I dislike untidy things—like a project only half-started.  So I persevered, and primavera finally arrived to take the chill of our northern bones.



~ by Samantha on May 27, 2009.

One Response to “Spring Thaw”

  1. I hadn’t checked out your work recently since I left NPN, which is a shame. It appears you are really growing as an artist and giving some good advice as you go along. Keep it up and have fun with all that “old” large format gear!

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