Self-Assignments and Hairy Chests

When you are in a rut, here’s a word of advice; assign yourself some learning experience.  And then follow through.  Because at the end of the day, when you are weighing things up, at least you did something.

 My self-assignment for 2009 is the “50 KM Project”.  According to my self-instructions, I am to head out faithfully every month to some location within 50km of my home and take pictures.  This is a learning experience.  A ‘stretching’ exercise.

 My first shoot in January was Big Hill Springs Provincial Park.  About 20 minutes from my home, it was an easy morning drive and I didn’t have to get up too early.  (Might as well ease into this thing.)

 Except it wasn’t very inspiring.  Here are the only two images I saved from that shoot.




I suppose the power in the self-assignment is having to create something when you: a) don’t feel like it; b) the conditions aren’t very good; or c) don’t wish to do this again this month!  The power comes from the discipline that you learn.  It is not so much what you get, but the slow process of building a certain firmness with yourself, learning to go out and accomplish a task that you have set despite how you feel.

 As my Dad used to say when he wanted me to eat my baked beans (which I despised):  “Do it.  It puts hair on your chest.”

 So be a (wo)man.  It’s good for you.


~ by Samantha on February 23, 2009.

One Response to “Self-Assignments and Hairy Chests”

  1. […] shot this in early October and have decided to use it as my  monthly image for my self-assignment.  I’ve cropped off a chunk of the blue sky to make a more square-ish format.  Mount […]

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